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  • Building Online Businesses

    – VPN: because your privacy and livelihood matter!

    More than ever, Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is an extremely important and necessary tool to use. Their job is to disguise your online identity and encrypt your internet traffic, thus becoming your first line of defense against any third parties who wish to track your online activities and steal your data! In addition, if you are a digital nomad like I am, then having a reliable VPV is vital because many online business opportunities are only available in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, and if you happen to live, for example, in Bali, Thailand, or the Seychelles then you are being rejected instantly!Many…

  • Building Online Businesses

    – Why is it so important to diversify your income?

    By George C. Georgiou Money makes the world go round, and in today’s unstable economy, being able to diversify your income is imperative. As an entrepreneur, you’ll inevitably experience times when your business is thriving and times when it’s not. Preventing your personal finances from being tied to the success of one business means that you must diversify your income by having multiple streams of income. What are the benefits of diversifying your income? By having multiple streams of income, you can protect yourself from financial instability and build long-term wealth. If one stream of income dries up, you’ll still have others to fall back on. This can give you…

  • Building Online Businesses

    – How To Become Rich Fast! Part A: Setting Up the Foundations

    By George C. Georgiou I am pretty sure that the words ‘being rich’ can mean many different things to many people,and I am sure this has to do with the kind of ideals someone was brought up with, which part of the world someone is living in, or the type of experiences someone had in life, to mention a few variables. However, on this website, we abide by the old classic meaning, which refers to someonehaving a lot of money, a lot of material wealth, and someone who is abundantly supplied with resources and is considered to be fortunate, wealthy, abundant, prosperous, privileged, loaded, well-fixed, well-off, and well-situated. There are…

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