Smart Investing

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  • Smart Investing

    Why Investing Is the Key to Early Retirement and Passive Income

    By George C. Georgiou Are you looking for ways to bolster your financial security and prepare for early retirement? Investing is one way of achieving this goal, as it can help you diversify your income sources, create passive income, and benefit from compound growth. Read on to discover the various advantages of investing now and the best investments you can make to help secure a bright future! What is Investing? We have already covered what an investment is in our post ‘What types of income are there, and which one is the best?’ which is the purchase or acquisition of an asset for the purpose of selling it sometime in…

  • Smart Investing

    – Why you should never invest in cryptocurrencies!

    By George C. Georgiou This blog post was inspired by my personal experiences investing ineither different cryptocurrencies that are supposed to be the next Bitcoin andend up having a value of 0.00001 or investment opportunities usingcryptocurrencies that promised me as much as 3% daily ROI and then disappearedinto thin air, commonly now known as “rug pulls!” Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies or virtual tokens that usecryptography for security. Although they have been hailed as a revolutionarynew way of conducting transactions, they are now losing popularity fast, andfor a good reason. They are decentralized, which means they are not subject to governmentor financial institution control. This makes one of several reasons why…

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