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– How To Become Rich Fast! Part A: Setting Up the Foundations

By George C. Georgiou

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I am pretty sure that the words ‘being rich’ can mean many different things to many people,
and I am sure this has to do with the kind of ideals someone was brought up with, which part of the world someone is living in, or the type of experiences someone had in life, to mention a few variables.

However, on this website, we abide by the old classic meaning, which refers to someone
having a lot of money, a lot of material wealth, and someone who is abundantly supplied with resources and is considered to be fortunate, wealthy, abundant, prosperous, privileged, loaded, well-fixed, well-off, and well-situated.

There are also many kinds of wealthy people. My favorites are those who are also happy,
generous, philanthropists, environmentally conscious, and content with their lives.

Being rich allows you to enjoy a more extravagant lifestyle and enjoy the best of everything. You get to have the best healthcare, the most impressive cars, houses, yachts, and even your very own private jet. You also get to spend more time on hobbies and traveling to exotic and other fun destinations.

It is for all of the above reasons that we also want to become rich fast!

There are intelligent, easy, and fast ways to become rich fast, and in fact, these are the
criteria that we have used for selecting the different business opportunities and the different tools that we promote to help you achieve your financial goals.

For the first time in the history of our planet, and to be precise, only in the last 15 years, we see so many self-made millionaires who are teenagers or in their early twenties. And because I don’t want to keep you in suspense, I will tell you how they were able to pull it off. The majority of them started some form of online business, this also includes the social media market, especially youtube, and another very small percentage became millionaires through the performing arts; acting, or singing.

And I can tell you this. Most of them pull it off on their own, the hard way! The trial-and-error way! So, trust me, if they could pull it off, then you can too, especially because all the programs that we promote come with clear instructions, videos, manuals and if this is not enough, then you can also request direct help and assistance from the publisher.

Let us now look at what is expected of you or what qualities you must possess in order to
become wealthy quickly.

Your journey towards becoming rich fast should start by having a clear vision, clear goals,
and the right mindset! I consider these three elements to be your foundation, and it goes without saying that if you don’t have a strong foundation, you can’t build your wealth! 

At this moment, I feel the urge to switch to my spiritual self and explain some of the
important mechanisms behind these practices. I apologize if you are not into the spiritual aspect of things, but I can’t help myself, it is part of who I am. Spirituality is an important aspect of myself because it helps me understand the reality I have chosen to live in.

The first foundational element is all about having a clear vision of what your future life to be like.

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The best way to create a vision for your future is to first spend some time thinking about what you want your life to be in the future, perhaps 5 years from now. The vision that you should have for your future should be inspiring, exciting, and motivating!
To start your visualization process, you simply close your eyes, relax, and see yourself experiencing your preferred future life as if it already happened.

Your visualization must be three-dimensional, meaning making it as real as possible. You can accomplish this by adding as many details as possible to your visualization and then engaging your five senses until it feels as if you are living the experience at that moment.

If you have done it correctly, then you will be overwhelmed with positive emotions and feelings. This is because it is scientifically proven that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality when it feels real!

When you do this mental exercise correctly, you get many additional benefits. To mention a couple, you trigger a psychosomatic response, and your feel-good hormones in your body get secreted, as a result, you will feel uplifted and happy!

At the same time, you automatically reset any negative, deep-routed subconscious beliefs that you may have, such as, ‘what you are asking is not realistic’ or ‘that cannot be done’. This is possible because, based on the above subconscious principle that we have mentioned, and since you have already achieved what it is that you wished for, you can therefore do it again!

Another benefit of this mental exercise is that it triggers the Law of Attraction which means you can expect to attract people and situations that will bring you closer to your goal. Somehow, you will find yourself at the right place at the right time!

I strongly recommend that you find at least 5-10 minutes twice a day, preferably when you first get up in the morning and right before you go to sleep, to practice your visualization. This will encourage your subconscious mind to support your efforts in achieving your goal.

A clear vision also shows you where you are headed and what you can expect along the way.

The second foundational element is all about setting goals and achieving them.

This is a crucial element for living a successful and fulfilling life. These may be business goals, career goals, or personal goals, just to name a few. Having precise goals gives you direction and helps you determine the actions you need
to take to achieve your aspirations.

Personally, I have created a folder on my desktop and named it ‘How to become rich fast’ and in that folder, I would put all the online programs that I have bought that would show 

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me how I could achieve this. And yes, I did end up purchasing five expensive programs before I was able to set up a successful business model of my own that would generate me income 24-7-365. Basically, I took some ideas and tools from each program that made sense to me and that I could apply, and that was it.

I believe my experience will be the same for most of you, and you will soon realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your financial future. You may have to try several different approaches before you find one that works for you.

But I do wish you, wholeheartedly, that your journey toward achieving financial freedom is as short as possible and, most importantly, an enjoyable one!

In that folder, I have also created a document that I titled ‘My Roadmap to Riches,” and I would also make use of that as the title of my page. The first thing that I wrote on the top of the page was ‘This is my life now’ and I spent some time writing a few succinct sentences about it; then, underneath that, I wrote ‘To become rich fast I need to:’ and again left some space; and finally, my last heading read ‘DESTINATION’ and I would describe my preferred life in the present moment. My first words are ‘I am free, I am rich, I am happy.’

I then went back to the middle section, ‘To become rich fast I need to:’ and after some pondering, I wrote:
– I perform my visualization as soon as I wake up and right before I go to sleep.

– I stop buying things that I don’t really need, and I use my savings to invest in items that will bring me closer to the realization of my dream.
– Every Sunday I spend 4 hours working in front of the computer for the purpose of becoming rich fast and transforming my life.

Now, this section of my roadmap keeps changing. This is because I keep on adding or removing many steps or small goals that I need to achieve on my way to reaching my destination. How would you know these steps? That is easy!

After purchasing a program, let’s use for example the powerful 10x Profit Bots System, once in the members’ area you will find a Quick Start Guide, and within that guide, it will list the different parts of the system. So, I would simply copy those parts and place them in this part of my roadmap. Those instantly become the little goals that I have to achieve on my way to achieving my dream!

Since smaller goals are easier to achieve, they are very motivating and inspiring in nature and help you build momentum! on a regular basis, which means we can set them more often, build off them, and constantly see ourselves getting better. 

Personally, I don’t like deleting them after I achieve them, instead, I like to highlight them and even write some comments about that step, usually whether it would work for me or not and why.

And there you have it! This is how you create a detailed roadmap that will lead you to become rich fast!

The third foundational element that needs to be in place if you want to become rich fast is having the right mindset!

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I personally know quite a bit about the subject, it is something that I have researched a lot, and it is part of one of the seminars that I teach. I will give you my definition, and based on that alone, you can understand why it is essential that you have the right mindset all the way on your journey to becoming rich.

A mindset is the set of beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes that predetermine a person’s interpretations of situations, decision-making processes, responses, and the outcome of all their endeavors.

Mindsets can destroy or build your project; they can sabotage or facilitate it!

Now let us look into the set of beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes that self-made millionaires and successful entrepreneurs have.

– Nothing is impossible, teenagers have done it and so can I!
– Opportunities to make money are everywhere!
– I deserve to be rich and successful!
– I deserve to be happy!
– I control my destiny!
– I take action every day toward my desired outcome. 
– I don’t mind investing some money to make even more money!
– I am not afraid of putting in the extra work that is needed to make it big!
– I am not afraid to take the right risks –
nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A Concluding Remark:

The biggest obstacle on your path to becoming rich is not having a strong foundation for your vision. Spending a couple of hours working on the foundation will undoubtedly be the most solid investment you will ever make!

You also want to become rich fast and to achieve this you need to have multiple streams of income rather than just one! For this purpose, you need the valuable information that I have prepared for you under the blog title ‘Why is it so important to diversify your income?’

End of part one! (and yes I do love my exclamation marks!)

©George C. Georgiou

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